Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Guide to Disposable Digital Cameras

A Guide to Disposable Digital Cameras.

 Disposable Cameras, (also called single - use cameras) first come on the market as film cameras. You would take the entire camera back where you bought it and they would crack it open, take out the film and process it, resulting in photos that were virtually indistinguishable from photos taken with a more conventional camera. Now, following the trends conventional cameras, there is a choice between using film or digital disposable cameras.

Some people think digital cameras are too hard to use; the disposable cameras offer a solution. Disposable digital cameras still have all of the great features that attract people to digital cameras such viewing your pictures before printing and photo manipulation. With a disposable digital camera, you get a flash, a timer, and a viewing monitor (depending on the model you buy). This means that you can see whether you want to take the picture over or not, as you also have the ability to delete an unwanted photo, and retake it if you have the opportunity. Additionally, a free picture CD is usually included with your prints in disposable digital camera package.

Does a disposable digital camera offer the same pictures as a regular digital camera? it does offer the most frequently use pictures, but you will not get zoom or night shots, or most of the order bells and whistles that come with a $400.00 camera. But disposable digital cameras do not cost anywhere near $400.00, and they do allow you to leave your valuable cameras safe at home an still have the technology that you may crave in a camera for between $10.00 and $20.00, and sometimes even cheaper. However, you can not connect disposable digital camera to your PC and Mac. The photos must be developed at retailer that provides the proper equipment for your particular brand of disposable digital camera. This may actually be a plus for the technologically challenged, though, since you don't have to hook up the wire, crop fix the color, no need to waste hours in front of the computer, as it's all done for you. Your time is valuable.


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